Words from a volunteer on the ground in South Africa

by Dawne on September 17, 2010

What follows is an excerpt from a blog posted by Tracy Timberlake on the Square Circle Forum.  (You will need a membership to Ning to view these links.  Fear not, membership is free.)

Having the opportunity to pitch in at Knit-a-square headquarters clearly made quite an impact on Tracy.  Her words paint a brilliant picture, allowing each of us to understand the things she saw and how she felt.  As we prepare for our KasCuddle KAL I want us all to imagine the joy our South African team will feel when they start receiving KasCuddles by the dozens!

Ladies (and gentlemen) – YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Firstly, the sheer volume of parcels that come weekly from the Post Office simply cannot be fully fathomed without seeing it – WOW! Incredible! I was deeply moved as I gazed in utter astonishment at all of them – from small envelopes containing a single square, to huge boxes stashed FULL with squares, toys, jumpers, stationary, hats…….. and I realized how generous the outpouring of love from the global crafting community for the vulnerable littles ones of our land is.

This photo, from Aug. 2010, shows the generosity of our members over-running Rhonda's living room. Delightful!

The love and care that goes into the various items is tangible. The delightful handwritten notes and cards that accompany so many of the parcels make us smile. The beauty and imagination of many of the hats, jumpers, squares, puppets, blankets – everything really, is phenomenal! The simplicity of a small child’s newly acquired knitting skill is evident in some of the squares too, but this makes them no less beautiful, or valuable, or appreciated…..or warm.

And the unified spirit of all of us – from you, the crafters, to the ladies I so enjoyed working alongside this morning – is profound.
Please, keep up your amazing work! Every item is received with love.

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Anne September 17, 2010 at 14:04

Wow, thanks for sharing Tracy’s note! Very moving indeed!

sandy September 18, 2010 at 01:16

Thank you too Tracy, your words have beautifully captured the energy and the LOVE that is so evident in Ronda’s lounge, both from those of you sending and from those who receive on behalf of the children. It is such a privilege to experience.

I know that Ronda and the other volunteers never tire of it, and as Wandile said when we were there, ‘opening these parcels is addictive’. Probably the best kind of addiction you can have: to generosity, common purpose, care, love, energy, commitment, dedication. So many good human virtues. Thank you so much for sharing this with the community.

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