Phiri Parish Soweto

March 30, 2010

Sunday 28 March – Palm Sunday at Phiri Pharish. What an experience on several levels. We needed to be in Soweto at 8am in order to take part in the Palm Sunday procession. Lindiwe had organised for the whole family to attend the Palm Sunday service by way of a thank you for the work [...]

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Our first opening . . .

March 27, 2010

Saturday 27 March We arrived last night to a very warm welcome and traditional Afrikaans dinner including delicious dishes of Tomato Bredie and Babotjie with our great friends Atucia and Frank Moxham in their beautiful resort estate, Bayete. Benjamin their son, lives in Australia and spent nearly 3 years with us when he first arrived [...]

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A lion of a time!

March 27, 2010

Friday 26 March – late afternoon (but only posted Saturday lunchtime!) We are flying down a freeway heading back to Johannesburg following Ronda as closely as we can so we don’t get lost as we enter the outskirts of the city. The freeway drivers here are wonderfully polite and pull way over onto the shoulder [...]

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Temporary glitch in bandwidth!

March 22, 2010

How wonderful to finally be able to log in today and find all your comments. Followed swiftly by white hot panic having set myself up at the internet cafe here in Ngwenya at the southern end of the Kruger Park to discover that the site had run out bandwidth – whatever that meant! One of [...]

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8.30am – in Sydney

March 17, 2010

There is something absolutely surreal about being so close to a long planned for event. Perhaps it is also inevitable that such an event scales up the activity before hand to almost manic proportions, so things seem to speed up and slow down all at the same time. We were treated to the most spectacular [...]

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Our journey starts tomorrow!

March 15, 2010

Although, as for everyone in all their journeys, it started years ago in loops and turns that could never have been predicted. The McDonald family, Roger and Sandy (that’s me), our two daughters, Kalai and Cressida, their partners, Glenn and Sunny and my mother, Zanny will get up at the bewitching hour, 3.30am tomorrow morning [...]

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