Shack art

May 1, 2010

The little gems we picked up along the way, are finding homes around our house now that we have settled back. This pint-size work of art, measures 6 x 4 inches and was bought in Green Market Square in Cape Town, home of an amazing local arts and crafts market. What amazed us, apart from [...]

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A death in our family

April 27, 2010

Yesterday, we lost my beloved uncle, Peter Lovemore, brother to Zanny, Charmian and Ronda. At 66, he was far too young to have left his wife, five children, two and a half grand children, three siblings, 10 nieces and nephews and nine and a half great-nieces and nephews, and all their spouses who loved him [...]

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Jetlag and a little girl in pink

April 20, 2010

Phew, flying West to East seems mighty different to going the other way. The girls have described it as drifting through water. That might be because we are all fighting off colds. Unusual for this family as we think of ourselves as quite robust normally. Roger maintained South African time for the first 3 days [...]

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About to board

April 14, 2010

It’s hard to believe that this four weeks is over and we are about to board to return home. This morning we visited the post office and collected as much post as we had opened. While we ached that we could not stay to help the team open some of them on Thursday, it put [...]

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On the home straight

April 12, 2010

Never could time fly more than when you are with 40 close members of family – aunts, uncles and cousins. There was barely the time to catch up with each of them. Yesterday, dozens and dozens of family members, walked on the pristine beach of Bushey Park, just outside of Port Elizabeth on the East [...]

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From the train

April 7, 2010

What a place to pause and reflect. A purple train hurtling through the endless scrub of the Karoo Desert. We woke early to a grey dawn, having finally fallen asleep after much excitement and a pyrotechnic display of lightening on the horizon, the night before. Tea is delivered in pots and as Ronda’s compartment was [...]

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On our way to Cape Town

April 4, 2010

Our itinerary is so full, hectic and back to back, it is far more difficult than I imagined to find the time to write these posts and to beg internet connections to post them. So we have decided to keep the in-depth posts for our return journey and also for the weeks after our return [...]

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Cosmo City – a new model (1)

April 4, 2010

What to tell you about next? There is so much and we have barely scratched the surface. Cosmo City though is a great story from our perspective and is filled with hope. Approaching Cosmo City at the same time as one of Johannesburg’s famed electric storms. Now we know why our young folk need rain [...]

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An urgent Easter Appeal

April 1, 2010

The three month old baby girl lying in the corner, lay listless. I stroked her perfect, tiny hand and with the little energy she had left, a smile flickered at the corner of her mouth. In less than a month, these babies will still sleep on this same floor, a piece of old linoleum laid [...]

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Wandile and the AIDS orphans

March 30, 2010

Wandile works tirelessly within her capacity to help the children we seek to help. She talks to their guardians if they have any, especially where drunkeness or abuse is involved. She spends time with the children and is gentle with them. And she sews and hands out blankets and clothes where she finds children and [...]

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