On the home straight

by sandy on April 12, 2010

Never could time fly more than when you are with 40 close members of family – aunts, uncles and cousins. There was barely the time to catch up with each of them. Yesterday, dozens and dozens of family members, walked on the pristine beach of Bushey Park, just outside of Port Elizabeth on the East Coast of South Africa, the original farm settled by Henry Lovemore in the early 1820′s.

Every sibling and all their children, plus many of theirs from my grandfather and his brother were there, barring one. We were from seven cities and four continents.

Every family member to whom I spoke about KAS responded with enormous interest and positive suggestions. All of them, to a one, were completely overwhelmed by the notion of all of you working so hard to help the children.

We parted ways this morning to fly back to Johannesburg borne aloft by the support and encouragement of our whole family.

Being with our wider family has made all of us deeply aware of how fortunate we are to have family. How functioning family grounds you, defines you, embraces you, loves you unconditionally no matter what circumstances surround you.

I would like to imagine that these two children are many of millions running back to their home and their father in the doorway to enjoy what should be a universal right, the love of their parents. How much more painful to reflect on our children’s plight from the sanctity of family love. How much more it makes one determined to help.

And now we have just had lunch with Oliver Quambash of Hotel Hope. What a wonderful person so full of vitality, compassion, enthusiasm and energy. He spoke about so much he deserves a full post.

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Dawne Smith-Sliming April 14, 2010 at 11:19

How wonderful to recharge your batteries by connecting with your larger family! And I have to agree completely that a safe and loving home should be the right of every child.

Can’t wait to hear more about Oliver of Hotel Hope.

Thanks again for your posts. I know your internet time must be minimal.


Zanny May 7, 2010 at 01:19

I guess ” let us all keep up the wonderful work” is a motto that could change the lives of so many of the needy in South Africa.

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