Knitting for Africa (part 5)

by Roger on June 30, 2011

By Roger G McDonald

Relation to Relation

Officialdom, that universal curse,
meets us with its shrug of indifference.
If immigration’s terse, then customs’ worse,
regardless of the reason for our presence.
Politeness isn’t all about pretence.

No matter. Public space gives private lives
a welcome meal after long privation.
And there’s the family. Each of us contrives
a calmness soon knitted with elation.
We celebrate, relation to relation.
(to be continued)

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Pam Antink July 1, 2011 at 08:48

There is something very very strange about the atmosphere at airports, so I guess that people who work there all day long can’t escape it – thank goodness they are not allowed to have cattle prods!

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