The KasCuddle Knit-A-Long

Welcome to the gallery for Knit-A-Square’s inaugural knit-a-long!  A special thanks to Helen Flagg for so cheerfully leading this KAL. In the coming weeks we’ll be knitting infant sleep sacks, also known as the KasCuddle.   By knitting a KasCuddle you are sending a perpetual hug that will warmly embrace a small child.  Thank you for your support.  Children who, of necessity, must sleep on the floor will rest better for your efforts.

What an amazing difference one knitted item makes

Although they receive loving care many children sleep on the floor because of a lack of resources.

Warmer babies snuggled in their KasCuddles.

This Knit-a-long will be shared in stages.  Each set of instructions will be added to the blog as a regular post.

In order for knitters to work at their own pace, and to be able to join in later, the links to each set of instructions will be listed here.

At the end of this Knit-a-long this pattern will be available as a .pdf.

KasCuddle Knit-A-Long Instructions

Introduction and Materials

Steps 1 & 2

Step 3 – Joining the collar

Step 3 – With Stripes!

Step 4 – Binding off the Cuddle

KasCuddle pattern (you will need to have Adobe Reader installed to print pdfs.  It’s free.  To read more about Adobe Reader click here.)

If you’d like to share a photo of your completed KasCuddle please email it to