KasCuddle Body – with Stripes!

by Dawne on September 22, 2010

I have decided to add in some stripes in the Cuddle I am making for the KAL.  In adding stripes, I must join my yarn to my main color.  Usually this is done at the beginning of a row, but, of course, in knitting in the round, one must begin somewhere!  Where to start?  My rule of thumb is to lay my Cuddle flat and begin on a side rather than in the front or back.  It is a given that when working in the round your stripes will never meet, but that is o.k.  You will need a round stitch marker (or a round plastic ring of some sort that is big enough to encircle your needle) to mark the spot where you begin, and you will carry that forward to the other needle each time you knit around.   This will be your guide to tell you that you have knit once around the cuddle.  A one inch stripe usually takes about four times around.

To learn how to join a new color for your stripes, please refer to the video at:


You should use the criss-cross method in the video of joining the two colors since you cannot start at the beginning of a row in the round.  The criss-cross method ensures that you will not have a hole in your Cuddle where the two yarns join.    After you have knit a a few stitches with your new color and it is firmly established, it is recommended that you cut your main color, leaving a tail to weave in.  Carrying the main color forward over four or five rounds will leave loops underneath that the baby can catch fingers in so

It is best to cut your yarn and weave in all your ends at the beginning an end of stripes.  Knit your stripe, then join to the next color with the criss-cross, cut a strand of yarn and weave and so on………until you have the stripe pattern you choose.

I know you will have great fun thinking of creative ways to stripe your Cuddle!!

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Adele May 7, 2011 at 04:46

At last! Someone who udnerstadns! Thanks for posting!

ann March 21, 2012 at 10:21

what a splendid idea the kas cuddles seem.upon returning home i will sort through my stash and maake a start.god bless all especially the babies and toddlers plus all knitters everywere. ann

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