Introducing Dawne

by sandy on June 21, 2010

Beyond our trip to South Africa in March this year, this blog was always intended to reach a wider audience about wider issues surrounding orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa and what help we can bring to make a difference.

There is much to write about. The plight of the children is recognized by some world bodies and governments. However, the solution is not in sight either for the orphans already so compromised by the suffering they endure or for the children yet to be born in decades to come.

The internet offers us a powerful means for democratic communication. Across the globe there are voices being heard, articles being read, thoughts being shared among thousands.

Once this opportunity was rare and reserved for people of stature, presidents, preachers, visionaries and academics who had been accorded the privilege of standing before multitudes to deliver of their wisdom.

Now, ordinary people like us can share in the experience of talking to the world about things that matter, like conditions for these children in Africa and what we can do to help. The more we think and talk and tell, the more we share, the more people hear.

So I am really pleased to introduce Dawne, who is already a committed member of the KAS community, an administrator on the forum and agreed to guest write for this blog.

Dawne was the inspiration behind All for Orphans in the first place, so it is fitting that she can share with you her ideas on how we can act now and beyond to make a difference in the children’s lives. I am sure you will enjoy her first post on June 23rd – 67 minutes for Mandela.

What we can all do too, to further our cause, is to comment on the posts, and share the site among our friends and family. This in turn will help increase our audience, find more knitters and inform more people around the world about the children and what must be done to help.

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Rona Malewit June 21, 2010 at 14:58

Go Dawne!!! I can’t wait to read your posts!

Sandy, Mr. Mandela is so inspiring — I wonder has anyone reached out to him to let him know about KAS and the work we are all doing together?

Hugs! -Rona

Jana June 21, 2010 at 20:44

I watched INVICTUS this weekend. He is very inspiring.

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