Designer Knitting Patterns coming to a blog near you!

by Dawne on August 14, 2010

What do Lucy Neatby, Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, Diana Troldahl and Ilga Leja all have in common? They’ve all chosen to support Knit-A-Square in a very special way!
These wonderfully talented and kind-hearted people have offered designer knitting patterns that range from easy to complex.

Does this sound like a great idea or what? We owe it all to Zina, blogger-extraordinaire of Another Long Yarn. In the Fall of 2009 she featured KAS on her blog and decided to sponsor a knit-a-long for Knit-A-Square. She was so moved to help the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa that she raised the stakes. She asked designers and dyers if they would take part by offering designs and wool. The rest, as they say, is history.

In thanks to Zina for the idea and the kindness and generosity of several designers these patterns will be offered for free as part of the KasDesigner Pattern Series. Periodically we’ll feature a designer and offer their pattern as a printable .pdf with information about them and their work. There are designers yet to come but we are keeping their names a surprise!

Don’t knit? Don’t worry! We’ve got a crochet square design and are actively seeking more. We hope these designer squares make knitting and crocheting for Knit-A-Square even more fun! Subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed, follow knitasquare on Twitter and keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay up to date with each new pattern as it becomes available. If you’d like to see your favourite designer support the KasDesigner Pattern Series leave us a comment and we’ll ask them! If you are a designer and would like to offer a pattern please email Kalai: .

KasCare will be forever grateful to Zina for her support of the Knit-A-Square project. 180 squares were made as part of her KAL. You can see them here. Those squares became blankets for six children. Six more children in the world have been reminded they are not forgotten, that they are loved. Thank you Zina.

As always we are incredibly thankful for every square sent (especially the Plain Jane garter stitch squares that make up the bulk of our blankets). Together we are working to keep the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa warm.

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Zina August 15, 2010 at 14:19

Absolutely no thanks necessary, they should all go to you and to the rest of the gang at KAS, as well as all those who participated! It was great fun, and the designers we worked with were amazing — all three of them answered “yes” to a query so fast it just about made my head spin, bless ‘em.

Debbie Posmontier September 19, 2010 at 23:38

I spoke to designer Diana Jordan today of Momogus Knits……and she agreed to design a square for KAS!! I have used several of her patterns and the directions are very clear. She offers some free patterns on her website. Watch this space for more info about her KAS designer square!

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