If these children can jump for joy, we have much to learn and more to celebrate

by sandy on May 27, 2011

Today I was reminded, most poignantly, about what really matters. We received this video made by Marisa Groff for Ten Thousand Homes and posted by Keri Dodge.

It opens with a table of beautifully knitted squares, sent via knit-a-square by the knitting group of the Rolling HIlls Community Church in Texas. You see the community of Ten Thousand Homes joyously stitching the blankets together. And then as the gentle light of an African twilight bathes everyone in pink, you see the lovingly packed blanket packs with jumpers and hats given to the children of ‘Road to Hope’, started by Petros and Elizabeth Kunene, for seven of their nieces and nephews who had recently lost their parents.

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The children walk away across the bush, swirling their beautiful blankets around their heads. So much happiness and excitement, and these are children who have recently lost their families.

What I saw was so much hope. A new family. Not one that could replace their mother and father, but one that cares greatly for each of them. All of this so beautifully demonstrated by the gift of a blanket.

Each person connected across the globe contributed to this joyful moment. The people of Rolling HIlls who took up the call to knit squares, Ronda and her team, who collected the thousands of squares, packed them up and delivered them to Ten Thousand Homes. Their community who co-ordinated the sewing and distribution and finally, the children who received their gifts with so much happiness.

As Kalai and I watched this video, we were reminded of what knit-a-square had achieved in its short life. We marvelled that from such a simple idea, an eight inch square, had grown this powerfully connected, worldwide community who contributed to the warmth and joy of these young people. If they can laugh and jump with joy at the gift of a blanket and because they have a new home, then we all have much to learn from them.

I have been grieving the imminent sale of our home and everything else including KasCare, the children and their needs, has been diminished in my world recently. A home is little without the love around you of your family, friends and community. I have all of that and way more. Today, this beautiful video, you and your work, these grateful and happy children have humbly reminded me of that.

Thank you Marissa and Keri for making it and allowing us all to share in this.

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Sue Gillman May 27, 2011 at 07:02

What a happy video and what a happy story!

Carol Lou Treat May 27, 2011 at 14:43

As one of the Rolling Hills “Knit Wits” I want to thank Marisa and Keri, too. Seeing the video – and a hat and a sweater and some squares that I produced here in my home in Texas atop the head of a grinning little boy and a laughing little girl….well, I can assure you there is NOTHING more motivating than that! Thank you for the feeling of worthwhileness all this offers to me!

Pam Antink May 29, 2011 at 13:49

Have posted the video on my Facebook page and asked all my friends to spread it to their friends as the video is a wonderful testament to the work of KAS, and, the McDonald Family in both Australia and South Africa.

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